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"Vrajitorul"'s data base contains data from the following sources:

  1. Romanian Ministry of Finance
  2. Romania's Official Journal
  3. Insolvency Bulletin
  4. Commerce Registry
  5. Romanian Justice Ministry's Website
  6. Movable Guaranties E-Archive
  7. www.urbannews.ro
  8. National Revenue Service’s Social Security and state arrears database
  9. National Revenue Service’s „bogus companies” database
  10. Trademarks
  11. ROTLD – Romanian Internet domains database
  12. www.e-licitatie.ro
  13. www.ghidul.ro
  14. www.indexb.ro
  15. www.indagra.ro
  16. www.infobau.ro
  17. www.edex.ro
  18. www.infocompanies.com
  19. www.ghidafaceri.ro
  20. www.anrc.ro
  21. Romanian Police – followed and missing persons
  22. Other public sources

The advantage of using a large number of sources is the possibility of comparison and correlation in between data. There is a large number of companies with almost the same or even exactly the same name, which you can differentiate by their VAT No. or by the conty where they are registered. Moreover, a large number of companies have many branches, so that the address of the branch that you are in contact with can be different from the registered office.

 "Vrajitorul" is a useful application for companies such as:

  • Credit intermediaries
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks
  • Detectives, journalists, debt recovery.

The concise and accurate data that are oferred by "Vrajitorul" reduce the amount of time required for an employee working in a bank or an insurance company that is analyzing the eligibility of a company or of a person for a loan or for an insurance contract. In this way, the banks and the insurance companies can find out data that are not declared and can verify the accuracy of the data offered by the clients.

Astfel, bancile sau societatile de asigurari pot afla inclusiv datele pe care unele persoane nu le declara si pot verifica acuratetea informatiilor primite.

  • Call centers
  • Distributors, companies leading direct marketing campaigns
  • Sales agents

If you are leading a direct marketing campaign, data like the annual profit, the number of employees and the activity field can be very useful when you make an offer to a company that you do not know – you can make a personalized offer based on these data. Instead of sending a much too dense offer, you can select only the products or the services that observe your client’s standards. Your clients will be impressed by your appropriate offer.

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