Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Why pay when I can access all these data for free?
"Vrajitorul" has centralized enormous amounts of data from a variety of sources and has improved the search function in these databases. Hence, you can access much more data in a shorter time, without having to search for it in many sources.

2.  How can I pay in order to get acces for "Vrajitorul"’s database ?

You can pay by :

for the credits that give you access to "Vrajitorul".

3.   Can I see a demo before buying credits?
Of course. On the right hand side of the home page, you can click on a printscreen image of the application in order to see a demo of the application.

4.  If I search for the name of a company and a few hours later I search for the same company name, will I be texed twice?

No. Searches have a 24 hours grace period whithin which you shall not be taxed twice.

5.  What is the period whithin which I can use the credits that I have bought as a package?

These credits can be used with no time limit

6.  Why is it that in the pieces of information reffering to lawsuits, sometimes there are data about some other company?
These problems occur because of the fact that on the website where lawsuits are presented, the companies are not differentiated after their VAT No, but after their name, which can sometimes lead to data about other companies with the same name. presents these data subject to this remark.


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