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You can get access to the „Vrajitorului” database buying credit points. For example, if you buy 100 credit points, you can search for 50 terms in "Vrajitorul" or you can see 10 companies reports. If you buy a subscription for your company, all the searches made by your employees will be summed up on a sinlge account.

It is strictly forbidden to crawl our databse without the written permission of SC VRAJITORUL.EU SRL.

Once you make a search from your account, it will be enlisted in the history of your searches and you will not have to pay for it the next time you serch for the same thing.

Payments for credit points that give you access to "Vrajitorul" can be made by warrant of payment.
You must order the payment to our account: IBSN RO67RZBR0000060009629347 / RAIFFEISEN AG LUJERULUI.

By ordering credit points for a demo account, you submit your e-mail address to our newsletter e-mailing list, so that you will get updates of Vrajitorul's activity.

Our bank account for warrants of payment for credit points is:
IBAN:RO40 RZBR 0000 0600 1059 5662
Bank Raiffeisen Bank-Agentia Lujerului

After placing an order, you will receive a proforma invoice on which you will base your payment.
When we have the payment confirmation, we will credit your account with the respective credit points number and you will be informed by e-mail - the e-mail address is that that you have filled in in the Account Creation form.

Online Payment

1.How do I buy credits from www.vrajitorul.eu?

Vrajitorul.eu SRL sells its products online via a payment system of www.epayment.ro. In this way we can assure a safe and efficient online order and payment system.

You can buy our products online, following the next 3 steps:

a. Select the product that you want to buy and click on the "Order now!" button.

b. Fill in your peronal information.

These information are necessary in order to process your order corectly and efficiently. This is done via a SSSl encrypted connection (128 bits). More info in the "Is it safe to pay online?" Your personal data shall not be transmitted to third parties, nor by Vrajitorul.eu SRL, nor by ePayment. Be careful when filling in the form and specify the invoicing and delivery information. Your e-mail address is extremely important because all the important information regarding your account will be sent via e-mail. If you enter a wrong e-mail address, the whole ordering process will be slowed down. Moreover, Vrajitorul.eu SRL and ePayment will not be able to contact you and inform you about the status of your order.

If the delivery address differs from the invoicing adress, indicate this ticking the menu at the end of the form.

Chose the payment method and confirm the information by cliking on "Next step".

c. Fill in the information about your credit/debit card:

If you chose to pay by "Credit/debit card" it is necessary to fill in a form with information about your credit/debit card. For payment via Visa and MasterCard (Visa/Visa Electron and Mastercard/Maestro) credit/debit cards we use the "3-D Secure" system created by these organizations in order to insure online payments the same level of security that cash disper and POS operations have. The "3-D Secure" system insures that no information about your credit card is not transferred or stocked at any time on our servers or on the servers of ePayment; these data are sent directly to the Visa and MasterCard systems. Moreover, "3-D Secure" is an online authentification system for credit/debit card holders. The authentification of the card holder is based on the security code known only to the user and takes place only on the Visa and MasterCard servers. The "3-D Secure" system insures the online payments via credit/debit cards issued under Visa or MasterCard licence, including debit cards and electronic cards like Maestro and Visa Electron. Other virtual credit cards are also accepted.

If the credit card transaction is accepted, you will be thanked for the order placed on our website and will be given the relevant information about your order. You will also receive these information via e-mail.

2. Security policy

Is it safe to pay online?

The products presented on our website can be bought on-line using the on-line payment services offered by ePayment. These are the risks associated with the on-line payments:

• The personal information that you fill in when placing the order may be the target of third parties and may be used abusively – Vrajitorul.eu SRL and ePayment guarantee the security of their online services. Read the "ePayment Confidentiality Policy" and the "Vrajitorul.eu SRL Confidentiality Policy" for more details.

• Your card information – card number, expiration date etc. – may be stolen by third parties and may be used abusively. If the "3-D Secure" system used by ePayment for payments via Visa and MasterCard cards, no information about your credit card is not transferred or stocked at any time on our servers or on the servers of ePayment; these data are sent directly to the Visa and MasterCard systems. Moreover, if your card was issued by a "3-D Secure" certified bank, the payment authorisation is given only after your authentification via a code/password known only by you, similar to your PIN code for ATM transactions. Read "Verified by Visa" and "SecureCode" for further details about the "3-D Secure" system.

3. Payment methods

You can choose one of the following payment methods: credit/debit card, bank transfer/warrant of payment. If you chose the credit/debit card payment as payment method, it is necessary to complete a form with data about it. If the transaction was accepted, you will be thanked for the order placed on our website and will be given the relevant information about your order. You will also receive these information via e-mail.

We accept the following credit/debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard/Eurocard, Maestro, including Visa and MasterCard virtual cards. If you use the online payment, your order will be processed immediately. If you chose the bank transfer as payment method, your order will be processed pnly after the payment confirmation, that is a 2 to 4 days delay.

4. DEMO accounts

A demo account can be obtain under these conditions:

  • You can get a demo account only once from a each IP address and for each e-mail address. We understand that there can be more users for each IP addres, so we can accept to create more demo accounts of one IP address if we receive a written request.
  • Each legal/physical person can create only one demo account.
  • The information that you fill in must be complete and accurate.
  • We do not create demo accounts if:
    • The account is used in order to provide information to other physical/legal persons
    • You change your IP address using proxys or other programs
    • Any other fraude is ascertained


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Package type
Credit points
Cost per credit point
Cost Cost+VAT
100 credite 1 100.000000 100 RON 124 RON
Abonament monitorizare insolventa / 1An 1 450.000000 450 RON 558 RON
Monitorizare Insolventa si bonus Monitorizare Procese /1 An 1 450.000000 450 RON 558 RON
1000 credite 1 750.000000 750 RON 930 RON
Raport CIP 1 12.000000 12 RON 14.88 RON
Acces nelimitat 1 user / luna 1 899.000000 899 RON 1114.76 RON
Abonament 100 credite lunar platit in avans 1 720.000000 720 RON 892.8 RON
Monitorizare Insolventa Personalizat 1 500.000000 500 RON 620 RON
300 credite 1 270.000000 270 RON 334.8 RON
200 credite 1 200.000000 200 RON 248 RON
Cont DEMO 15 0.000000 0 RON 0 RON
500 credite 500 0.850000 425 RON 527 RON
Pachet Bronze(750 credite) 750 0.750000 562.5 RON 697.5 RON
Pachet Silver(1500 credite) 1500 0.600000 900 RON 1116 RON
Pachet Gold(3000 credite) 3000 0.500000 1500 RON 1860 RON
Pachet Platinum(10.000 credite) 10000 0.350000 3500 RON 4340 RON